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I like creating animal portraits since I had been very connected to nature and with very special bond to my own pets. I am always amazed how we can see and touch ourselves in much more deeper and higher levels of our personality  and our soul by making honest connection through animals’ eyes.

I paint intuitively, the process is meditative and healing and passes on the lightness and happiness of the playful aquarelle painting flow to the finnished piece - that is my aim to create not just realistic portrait but open up to the larger soul aspects for continuing possibility to connect and become the very best of ourselves.

I look forward to painting your furry friends! 


Size in cmSize in inchesUS$EURGBP

30 x 4012 x 16270220190
38 x 5615 x 22420340290
56 x 7622 x 30800690590
76 X 10630 X 42150012901070

*Please contact me if you require a special size.

Prices are for watercolor paintings of one pet. Add $140 / Eur 120/ 110 GBP for each additional pet in the same painting. Available only for sizes  38 x 56 cm, (if 2 pets together) 56 x 76 cm (3 pets) and bigger. If you wish to place human portrait together with pet in the same portrait - an owner together with its pet then price is double depeneding on size. 

The frame and shipping is not included. I am happy to frame it (only for orders in Latvia, EU) for you for an additional charge. 

I look forward to painting your furry friends!


It would be best if it is taken in natural light (outdoors, but not direct sunlight), and hi-resolution. More than one photo would be great so that I can get a feel for the pets personality/color/size. However if you only have one, I will see to make it work. 

You can fill out the inquiry down below on this page. 


You can email me the photo at or send an inquiry here using the form down below on this page.

I use 300gsm mostly Arches or Hahnemuhle high quality watercolor paper. 

*Please allow 2 weeks till 1 month (time very much depends on your choosen portrait size) for your order to be completed.

*I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to get your pet portrait on my schedule.

*Rush orders will be considered for an extra fee (usually double price that applies also for the amount of  deposit)

*My guarantee is if you don't like it, I keep the painting and the deposit and you don't have to buy it.

After the painting is complete I email you the photo of it.

If you are satisfied you complete the order and the rest of price plus shipping costs.

Shipping costs and eventual taxes (depending where are you living) are additional to commission fee. Shipping costs always depend on the size of painting and country. Shipping will have tracking number. During this time of pandemic - traditional shipping takes twice time as usual. You should be ready to wait at least 1 month. So - if you would like to surprise someone - order early in advance. It could take even 2 months to reach some places in US or Australia. But there is possibility always to contact local post and look for assistance but you should be ready to help with this. Or - there is some costly services(  FedEx or similar) )for fast delivery, it is also option, but it is impossible to use those for every destination.

Payments usually are done through PayPal service


All copyrights of commissioned art remains with me, however I will not create any printed editions or use them in any way except as examples of commissioned artwork on my website and social networks.

All rights remain with me (artist). When someone purchases art it does not mean the purchaser has full control or the rights to what they are buying. Some clients have purchased limited licensing rights and used their commissioned artwork for their own business cards, promotional materials, book or cd cover design.

Inquiry about  
the custom pet portrait

You are welcome to contact me and describe your wishes regarding the custom pet portrait. I will contact  you as soon as possible using my  studio email .  


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