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Evita's watercolour painting process


There are video about the one way I create my paintings: "The story about Gentleness painting." Here I am introducing how I receive images for my paintings and some part of creative process - so called "wet - on - wet" watercolour technique.  
My painting process is intuitive, meditative, spiritual and healing. I use wet on wet watercolour painting technique that allows free flow of colours often directly mixed on paper. Wet on wet water-colour painting technique styles vary a lot, each artist adds to it some unique touch, feel, texture.


The process starts with fully wetting watercolour paper … let it soak in water-bath for ~10 minutes… then I paint… while it dries… Sometimes I love to add some dry technique while finishing the layer. When first layer dries I continue with the next… and whole process starts again.Using professional grade paper it is possible to wet paper even 20 times.


Several series of paintings have been created as a meditative exercise with a spiritual or metaphysical intention, exploring the subject or question that I choose, for example: “What is abundance, what is the meaning of this quality, how to feel and experience abundant life?” or “How to understand Self Love?” These kind of series I classify in Series of Quantum Stories, Magical potentials. 

I also have created two series of the dream journeys - through New Zealand and Azores islands (Portugal). I connected with these places in my meditations and started to explore more and create series of paintings. Afterwards my dreams manifested in physical reality and together with my partner and daughter we went to these places on our world around trip.

I also like exploring different themes and subjects like animals and flowers, wildlife, seasons. When travelling around my country I enjoy the slow process of admiring sceneries and sketching the feelings of current moment.